Twin Nursing Pillows and Preemie Clothes For A Healthy Baby

"Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful thing for the babies" of twins

  The Ever So Tiny Ultimate Twin Nursing Pillow is designed for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and cuddling twin babies simultaneously.

We have proved our devices with lots of different Doctors and families to see how it could improve their lives, and the results are just amazing. I can honestly tell you that if you have to buy something to raise a healthier baby then this should be the one to purchase.

  The Ever So Tiny Preemie Clothing is a unique line of garments specifically designed for premature or low birth weight babies. Our clothing will keep them warm when graduating from the hospital's Neo-Natal Unit incubator and on the trip home to join the rest of the family.


The Ever So Tiny Cuddly Receiving Blankets is an "absolute must have" for every small baby and the irresistible Ever So Tiny Change Pad is an absolute must where ever there is a baby.

We have developed the Ever So Tiny Pillow and Preemie Clothing by working with Hospital Staff, Lactation Consultants, Chiropractors, mothers of multiples and parents of single, multiple and premature babies.


The Ever So Tiny Nursing Pillow has been used by Hospital Nurses, Chiropractors and parents of all walks of life. The pillow has been specifically designed for and by mothers of twins and triplets.  It is roomy enough for a nursing baby on each side of mom. The pillow has a companion back support pillow recommended by Chiropractors.

The Ever So Tiny Nursing Pillow is shipped all over North America and overseas including Saudi Arabia. World wide inquiries arrive from parents wanting a quality twin nursing pillow.

The pillow can be used as a bed table for reading, crafts and many other activities. This is especially practical for moms who might be on bed rest during pregnancy. Parents are advised to bring the pillow with them to the hospital so they can start using it immediately following the birth(s).

As a recent cosumer told told us, this nursing pillow is fantastic also to lose weight because allow you to keep moving and active whilst you care about your babies. So, we highly encourage you to give it a try.

The Ever So Tiny Twin Nursing Pillow Construction

Each pillow is filled with layers of new hypoallergenic terylene batting materials with a 1" dense foam core. The materials will not shift, bunch or lump.
Surface sponging is recommended for cleaning the pillow.

Finished Measurements:
88cm (34 ½”) side to side
66cm (26”) front to back
and weighs in at:
800gr. (4 lbs) with a cover
the nursing pillow belt is:
Polypropylene webbing, 2.5cm (1”) wide, 145cm long (56 ½”)
A quick release buckle makes the belt fit a waist of 70cm (26 ½”)
to 115cm (44 ½”)
The belt is stitched firmly on to the pillow

Removable and Washable Nursing Pillow Cover with Colourful Prints:

The removable nursing pillow covers are made from cotton or cotton blend fabrics in either pastel or bold colour and designs. A multitude of prints and colours are available. Please keep in mind that an overall print can hide spills, spits and leaks better than a solid coloured cover.  Many different Colours and Patterns available.

Additional covers can be purchased to ease the burden of the constant laundry.

The Companion Back Support Pillow is recommended by Chiropractors to keep stress off the back and by Lactation Consultants to give mom a better, more comfortable pose while breast feeding.


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